Age: 35

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Animal: Horses

Hello! Thank you for showing interest in my portfolio!

I went to college at the University of Maine and majored in New Media, but it was one class in graphic design in my final year that really ignited my passion for it. I love approaching every project like a puzzle to be solved - moving all the elements around until they all fit into place and organizing the information on the page. My major in New Media also gave me experience in a wide variety of visual arts, like photography and video editing, as well as traditional arts like drawing, painting and 2D design. After I graduated, I worked as a pharmacy technician for a few years while picking up freelance design jobs when I could. I did graphics, logo design, and even made some characters and backgrounds for a video game, which was certainly fun and interesting.

It wasn't until the formation of West Pond Technologies that I really got to experience all aspects of professional design. I got to start everything from the ground up - designing the logo, business cards, fliers, even making the company website. Working for this company as it grows has also made me grow as a designer, and when they ask me to start a project I can discuss with them what is needed and how I can get it printed or produced. Beyond the usual fliers and business cards, I've done device stickers, lenticular postcards, and even some basic video editing for instructional videos. I even found pre-made templates for the company website so I can spend less time trying to figure out layout with CSS and more time creating graphics and in-page advertisements to best show off the products. Currently, I am assisting with the relaunch of the website under WordPress and improving their SEO standing. I also administrate their social media channels, as well as other groups.

When my son was born in 2011, I made the decision to quit my job as a full time pharmacy technician and become a stay-at-home mother. I continued to work part time for my husband's company and pick up other projects, and now with my youngest daughter going to full-day kindergarten I am MORE than ready to return to work!

As for my non-graphic design interests, I enjoy horseback riding, gardening, photography, reading and working on various craft projects.